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As a Licensed Realtor and Business Broker I enjoy the range of properties I get to view, buy, lease and sell. 

I've bought, renovated and sold many properties personally and usually did the work myself or directly with contractors. 

This gives me a far greater understanding of buildings beyond just paint colour and floor type. 

As an experienced Business Broker my focus is helping my clients get the best value in their deals.            

Having owned 7 businesses ranging from an online footwear business, a group of restaurants, a consulting firm and a boutique travel firm allows me to understand what a business owner needs.

 I have real life practical experience as an owner not just an employee! 

Have questions? Give me a call for a no obligation chat!

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Oh Don't Worry About the Landlord

Famous last words.

When it comes to renting a commercial property, there is often a power dynamic at play between the landlord and the tenant. While both parties have their own rights and responsibilities, it's important to recognize that the landlord has certain advantages that tenants may underestimate.

Limited bargaining power

One of the primary r...

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Why Can't You Use Multiple Realtors at Once?

If you're buying or selling a property or business, it's not a good idea to use multiple different realtors at the same time. Here are a few reasons why:
• Legal Issues: Using multiple realtors can create legal issues, especially if all of them claim to have a contractual relationship with you. In some cases, this can lead to disputes or even lawsui...

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Should you use a Lawyer for a business sale/purchase transaction?

Yes, it is recommended to use a lawyer to complete a real estate transaction in Canada. A real estate lawyer can help you navigate the legal process, review and negotiate the purchase agreement, and ensure that the transfer of title is done correctly. They can also protect your rights and interests throughout the transaction, provide guidance on re...

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