Liquor Licence Types - What's the Difference?

This is another common topic of discussion. 
Can I sell beer? What about spirits? 
Typically the answer is yes of course.

But those aren't really the important things to be aware of. Most important is the hours. 9AM-12AM is "standard", meaning if you don't request different hours in your initial, or subsequent, communication with the Liquor and Cannabis Board then you'll get 9AM-12AM.

But I want to run a bar!! Well yes, and so does everyone else. But that's not very simple. 
The most common, and easy to get, license is the Food Primary Licence. They cost around $475 (at the time of writing this) and once you've been approved, you buy your booze from your chosen BC Liquor store and you're off to the races.
But hold on - you can't simply apply for a Food Primary Licence and then operate like you have a Liquor Primary Licence.

What's that you might ask? It's the Licence meant for Pubs, Clubs and Bars. If you're from Vancouver you'll quickly realize that we don't actually have a lot of those type of establishments, or if we do, they're limited to Gastown and the Granville Entertainment District.
You can't get those licences easily, although they are occasionally sold.

Many years ago I was involved in the
Liquor Policy Reform with the Provincial Government
and I've held 4 licences myself, so I do speak from extensive experience on the matter. Trust me when I say just focus on the Food Primary if this is your first kick at the can!