Permits & Licences

I can't tell you how often a Buyer, or their Agent, writes an offer with a Condition (Subject) like "Subject to the Buyer having all Permits and Licences transferred to them on or before Subject Removal Date".
That is so crazy. 
On a Restaurant deal, do you really think the Seller should Transfer their Business Licence, Health Permit and Liquor Licence to you
you complete on the deal?!
So if you decide that you're not going to remove your Subjects and make the offer firm, you just get to keep the Permits and Licences??
Absolutely not. That's a hard no.
You can ask if the Seller will sign your transfer documents on the day of Completion. 
Then you submit those to the appropriate people (Municipality, Vancouver Coastal Health, Provincial Authority) and wait your turn in the queue. That's on you to do after you become the business owner, not a day before.