COVID deals?

I can't tell you how many emails and calls I get every week from people who think that the bottom has fallen out of the market and they should be getting businesses for free or next to free.
This. Is. Not. Happening.
The business owners who somehow were able to scrap by, pivot or use up their savings to make it through this last year are not typically interested in just giving you their assets. 
They are all very aware of how much they have "not made" this year.
They are all very aware that there are vaccines available.
They are far more aware than you or I, of how their Landlord is being about all of this.

Speaking of Landlords, they are NOT giving away empty properties.
They are now tougher than ever.
They need Buyers to have related experience.
They want Buyers to have proof of funds and often a net worth statement showing they can either cover the rent easily or assets that they will put liens against to secure their credit risk.

Now all that said, there are still places available, but inventory is tight. If you're seriously shopping for a business, give me a call and let's set up a strategy so that you have better odds of getting a place!