Why can't I get the Permits etc. before removing Subjects??

This one seems to come up more frequently than I expect it too.
Let's say we use a Liquor License as an example.
You, as the Buyer, are set to remove your Conditions Precedent  (subjects) on the 15th of June, and have the deal complete on the 30th June.
You want to add "Subject to the Transfer of the Seller's Liquor License" on or before June 15th.
This can't happen.
If the Seller DOES transfer the License to you before June 15th, and you DON'T
remove your Conditions Precedent (Subjects) then you would have a Liquor License for a business you didn't buy.

See the problem there?

Every deal is set up to work in a linear line. You have to remove your Conditions FIRST, then complete the deal (pay the money), then everything gets transferred to you as per the terms of your contract.