Is Industrial Property A Good Investment?

Well it's certainly not a "sexy" part of anyone's portfolio, but you better believe it's a great investment.Everybody and their dog wants a warehouse and there aren't any to have!
The region has never needed industrial space more than it does now,
CBRE statistics show that region-wide, Metro Vancouver in the second quarter of 2021 had an all-time low 0.6 per cent industrial real estate vacancy rate. Colliers pegs the region’s industrial vacancy rate at an even lower record level: 0.5 per cent."Every quarter, over the last year, we have had a new historic low for our industrial vacancy rate," CBRE senior vice-president Chris MacCauley told BIV. "We also have the lowest vacancy rate in North America out of major industrial markets."Industry insiders and supporters say that the region is in a crisis, with insufficient industrial land for local companies to expand, and for foreign companies to be able to locate regional distribution centres.Overall your tenants will be stable, the building requires little to no servicing and you can "set it and forget it".Let me know if you'd like to set up a call to discuss how we can get you into this segment.