How Long Does A Deal Take?

Well it depends. On what? Subject Removal. Landlord Approval. Lawyer Approval. Accountant review. Financing. Seasonal/Holiday delays (who want's to complete a deal in the week between Christmas and New Years?!)All of that said, the average deal takes between six and eight weeks from offer submission to completion.How can you get it done faster? As a Buyer, have your corporation, corporate bank account, credit score, business plan, designer, architect, engineer, builder, etc. selected and or ready to go. Nobody wants to wait for you. 
Also if you are slow as molasses and do not show progress, the Seller may not accept your request to extend your Subject Removal date - they will consider you to not be taking the process seriously and often will see this as very disrespectful. You have taken their property "off the market" and are now taking your sweet time. This is considered very bad form.

As a , have your financials, equipment list, lease, permits etc. up to date and ready to share (in a PDF - nobody wants 50 pages of huge JPEGS from your phone) and make sure that your Landlord is aware that you have an offer coming and/or expected and ask them to please do you a favour and not take 5 weeks to process the application. That's not a joke - the standard "canned response" from a major property manager is that 4-8 weeks should be expected!