November 2021

How Long Does A Deal Take?

Posted on Nov 20, 2021

Well it depends. On what? Subject Removal. Landlord Approval. Lawyer Approval. Accountant review. Financing. Seasonal/Holiday delays (who want's to complete a deal in the week between Christmas and New Years?!)All of that said, the average deal takes between six and eight weeks from offer submission to completion.How can you get it done faster? As...

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Storm and Damage

Posted on Nov 15, 2021

I'm sure you've seen the news about the the South Coast is dealing with.

All of this torrential rain makes me think about a business I used to own that operated out of a century old building.Any time it rained like this, the ground floor would flood. There was a whole process to move the downspout and then bail out th...

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What's Happening With Inventory?!

Posted on Nov 12, 2021

It's an odd time right now in the market. Many people have expected a "COVID Flood" of businesses and properties to hit the market and this hasn't occurred. In the meantime, more and more buyers have entered the ring and now demand it very high. 
So what does this mean? 
1) Be prepared. You should already be incorporated. You should already have a busi...

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